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Blake's 7 Discussion Community
27th-Jan-2014 10:00 am - Hello comm peeps
The Boy Who Waited

    being a B7 fan of long-standing; watched every episode live! when they were broadcast on the BBC; yes I am that old, I thought I'd sign up here. If there is anyone still around watching this get in touch. My fave ep is Project Avalon, and my fave characters Jenna and Dayna and Gan.

Ray, Blairgowrie, Scotland.
Hello, everyone! I'd love your perspectives on a question I've been mulling over.

In the quote I've used in the subject line to this post, Avon tells us that he's a man of his word. But I wonder: is Avon only against breaking his promises, or is he against lying in general? I can think of very few times Avon says anything that we know he believes to be an outright lie. In Powerplay, he does tell a series of lies (my wife, Dayna, etc) but other than that, I can't think of any other examples. Can you? Do you think Avon lies less than most of the other characters? Does he lie less than Blake? Less than Tarrant? As a writer, are you comfortable writing statements Avon has made in the show as deliberate lies? For example, when Avon tells Tarrant that he and Vila despise each other...I find that hard to believe as the truth, and yet it doesn't seem like something Avon would lie about. Some writers write Avon lying to the Scorpio crew about how long he's known where Blake was...

Any and all thoughts appreciated!       
1st-Feb-2012 03:12 pm - Jacqueline Pearce Autobiography
Fantom Films are to release the autobiography of Jacqueline Pearce, who played Chessene in The Two Doctors but probably most recognisable as the elegant baddie Servalan in Blakes's 7! From Byfleet to the Bush will be published in both paperback and hardback formats, with a book launch event to take place on 11th March at the George IV Public House, Chiswick. More details can be found via their website.

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18th-Nov-2011 04:50 pm - Thank you, Big Finish <3

I don't have the words for this, so I'll just let it all speak for itself.
Tara, Bond


       I posted this http://kerkevik.livejournal.com/51098.html  , a wee bit earlier to acknowledge the passing of Michael Gough, 1917-2011.

  R.I.P. Mr. Gough.

  Still under Willow & Tara's spell,

Hello all, am new to LJ and a massive B7 fan, so apologoes if this has been asked before.
When Star Trek TOS was released on DVD all remastered and shiny, the models and some FX had been replaced with computer generated images.  For anyone who's not seen it, the retouching was done very faithfully and with a lot of obvious love for the source material.

My question is: do you love seeing B7 as it was originally made/aired, or would you like to have seen a similar approach taken with this show?  Or both?

Having seen the remastered Trek, the new CG parts don't jar and don't take you out of the story; but is it a bit of a slap in the face to all the hard working FX people and model builders from the original production?

I've introduced a fair few friends to B7, but have had to precis the first viewing with something like "You'll get used to the budget restrictions they were working with" or "Look past the wobbly sets".  That kind of thing.  It's not a chore, because the material sparkles, and maybe I don't even need those comments and could just let the show speak for itself!

I'd be interested in your thoughts.  Would a lovingly CG'd B7 be of interest, or just a curiosity?
28th-Sep-2010 11:01 am - Why is Season 4 rated higher?
Nerd alert: has anyone else ever worked out why Season 4 is higher rated? The side of the box, next to the 12 rating, claims the set contains "racial slurs and moderate violence", which I imagine is Stardrive and Blake respectively, but both episodes are still individually rated as PG. It's the special features themselves which have got the high rating, which I guess means actors swearing.

I haven't had a chance to watch through them all, and honestly, probably won't . I like the fictional world being preserved as far as possible, so would rather avoid blooper reels or studio recordings (it could also potentially be the commentary?). At the same time, the classification system is a serious hobby of mine, and I'm increasingly tempted to do it, just to sate my curiosity.

Can anyone who has watched through them clear this up?

Because even though that's not how the system works, I can't help but think Stardrive and Blake throw some combined punch on the rating as a whole. As if that level of racism or violence on their own only warrants a PG, but once both those boxes have been ticked (as it is for the boxed set) the classification has to be bumped up? So maybe that is how the system works? If the set is indeed rated 12 because of swearing on the special features, then why doesn't the back of the box list "12: bad language" instead?

Another idea that has occured to me is there is a catastrophic level of racist abuse somewhere in the special features, and it's not the use of "gook" after all - which would make sense of the facts but seems bizzare and unlikely.

Yours, in bemusement...

(All the geeky information from The British Board of Film Classification website - the special features are rated here: http://www.bbfc.co.uk/AVV220702 and here: http://www.bbfc.co.uk/AVV220702. The rest of the series is all rated here: http://www.bbfc.co.uk/search?searchwhere=db&q=blake%27s+7)
27th-Feb-2010 08:16 am - Blake, Post-'Star One'
Note To Self
Okay, so we all know the real reason Blake didn't return to the 'Liberator' after the Galactic War: i.e. Gareth Thompson Thomas had had enough. But was there ever give an in-show reason? Did I miss something?

He apparently moved around quite a bit:

'After (reluctantly) leaving Liberator [Blake's] movements became unclear. According to Cally he left with Jenna, but Avon, on Sarran, learnt from Zen that Blake was in a quite different (unspecified) location to her. He was also reported as being uninjured. In 'Powerplay' Zen reported that Blake was en route to Epheron of the Loritol system, by means unspecified. Blake was later said to be on Obsidian, one of many rumours that proved to be untrue. In 'Terminal' Servalan stated that she had seen Blake cremated on Jevron, and appeared to believe this herself. In 'Blake', Orac referred to a trail of cause and effect by which Blake's movements could be traced, suggesting that he wandered to at least some extent before establishing himself on Gauda Prime.'

- The Sevencyclopedia
19th-Nov-2009 10:43 am - The new all-fandom archive
Lobster suit
Like vilakins I got my invite from An Archive of Our Own very fast and experimented with posting a story. Joy - you can copy and paste them straight in from the B7 archive, no hassle. That makes 23 in the fandom. 22 of them are under the tile "Blake's 7" while one is under "Blakes 7" - I suspect that'll need to be rationalised. Posting the story was easy, but pages in the archive do take a while to load atm.
14th-Nov-2009 02:34 pm - the new OTW archive
I see the much-discussed OTW Archive of our Own now exists at http://archiveofourown.org/ and has 2 B7 stories in it. Now of course we have the B7 fandom archive at Hip Deep, but should we crosspost stuff here as well - what do folk think? One idea of the multifandom archive, AFAIR, was in hopes it would rival the unspeakable ff.net as the default resource for journos...
9th-Sep-2009 01:23 pm - Horizon re-boot
B7 Tarrant: WWTD?

Unfortunately the Horizon website was subject to "malicious third-party attack", and the staff had to basically re-start the website from scratch.  If you were previously registered, you'll have to re-register.

They also have a new url:  http://www.blakes7online.com/news.php
3rd-Oct-2008 11:03 pm - Dome life.
Avon Goodness
So...they lived in domes, yes? Post atomic domes. Drugged food, The Way Back, La la la.
But someone pointed out Servalan's palace on earth, and all the rebels running around - and I was thrown.
How has fanon incorporated this? Or did I miss something? (I miss lots of things.)
To dome or not to dome?
13th-Sep-2008 09:20 pm - Aftermath Day 3
Here's my Aftermath Convention summary for Day 3.   Enjoy.


And, now, I had better get out of my  hotel room, and do some touristy things!
13th-Sep-2008 02:53 am - Aftermath - Day 2
Here is my account of Day 2 (Saturday) of the recent Aftermath Convention ... including photos!

Simon&#39;s dragon
Using the Dialectizer here:http://www.rinkworks.com/dialect/

I decided to see what the Redneck Version of "The Way Back" would be like.

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So if you ever wondered what Avon would sound like as Elmer Fudd, Blake as the Swedish Chef?
Just input a snatch of dialogue or speech from our Heroes and give it a whirl!
3rd-Sep-2008 03:30 am - Help me, B7 brains!
3 Third Doctor LOL!
Where the hell does ORAC go wonky and start spouting love poetry?
Massive hugs for the first B7Brain to remember!
I just recently posted a, uh, detailed picspam analysis of Blake's apparent oral fixation, and I thought I'd post a link here in case anyone wanted to come ogle the pretty join in with their thoughts and opinions on this particular mannerism of Blake's:

( This way to the Blakespam! )
30th-Aug-2008 12:44 am - Could your Avon kill himself?
Avon Goodness
Hey gang

I have been having a heart-rending wallow in PGP angst, and have had a go at writing some - but I'm struggling with the verisimilitude. (Ohhh - does my teacher-pleasing word apply to the actions of fictional characters? Can I throw a 'meta' in somewhere?)

Anyway - my Avon is near enough topping himself in his cell. Very angsty, yes - but I am forced to pause and seek wisdom from the gestalt. This is a man whose major character trait is self-centreness. Canon Avon loves being alive and is very resentful when people try to change that. 

 I'm all for PGP being an arena for manipulating the characters in any direction, but this question is a little more specific.
So tell me: in your Blakesverse, can you see a point when your Avon would kill himself? I'd love to hear all the different takes on this. After all:

Jenna: It's getting worse for him, isn't it?
Avon: Guilt does that.
Jenna: What would you know about guilt?
Avon: Only what I've read.

Do we believe him?
26th-Aug-2008 03:37 pm - B7's best and worst costumes

My post on the five worst costumes in Blake's 7 got so many comments, I thought I'd do a discussion post on the best and worst for everyone.

My best and worst picksCollapse )

What do you think?

het angst character death
Down and Safe  Mon 25 Aug, 09:00 - 12:00  180 mins A Celebration of Blake's 7

One ship. Seven freedom fighters. Some tetchy computers. Intrigued? The BBC 7 bank holiday rebellion starts with the history and rebirth of a sci-fi classic. Loyal fan Mitch Benn presents.

Featuring the episodes: The Syndeton Experiment (10/04/1999), Liberator (2007) and When Vila Met Gan (2008). Stereo   

I love my friends. Thanks to Dan for his very excited phone call to tell me about this - and he's never even watched an episode. Tolerant, tolerant people.

BE WARNED - The Syndeton Experiment makes the angels weep. I cannot comment on the others but am very excited to hear them.

Listen Live to BBC7
Listen with RealPlayerListen with Windows Media
How to Listen

Listen to BBC 7 on DAB Digital Radio, Freeview, Digital Satellite, Digital Cable and the internet
More details
?Help with listening

3 Third Doctor LOL!
(sorry for spamming meant to post here, not journal duh) 

                                                                                                                                                       ๏ ̯ ͡๏

Hello - I am cutting together a new video and it's a B/A implied, as far as I can get it -  (not too far! *scowls*)
My problem is this - where are all the grabby, looky-looky shots?

I found 'Pressure Point' (naughty Blake gets commuppence) and Star One ('I have always... yadda yadda...') but I KNOW there is a shot of them lying on the ground with Blake cuddled up next to Avon, and I'm sure there's a chest-grab or something when Liberator hits a curb.

If you're a B/A shipper then I know you have this knowledge locked in your brain. Please don't spend your time looking up transcripts etc - I'll do that if nothing comes up here (but I can't remember dialogue so unless touchy-touchy was scripted it may not be much help.)

So yeah...meaningful looks, lip pursing, checking each other out - pass it on and I promise to spend hours of my life cursing my laptop and tearing out my hair trying to make something to amuse you all.
Oh yeah - I'm moving on to V/A after this so keep an eye out - all suggestions gratefully received. x
24th-Jul-2008 11:58 am - Here's another bit of info
mated gay mice
- from Marian's B7 site: Innocent Reasons To Strip - various credible(?) ways for writers to get a character's clothes off - many tried and tested. I think it was originally going to be "50 Ways To Strip Your Lover", but needless to say people soon got past 50....

In that section of the site, Factoids, are also to be found the incredible number of abbreviations and acronyms associated with B7 fandom.

You can tell I'm in a holiday mood!
24th-Jul-2008 11:08 am - Information...?

It occurred to me last night (while searching for something, duh) that some people may not know about the Sevencyclopaedia, a wonderful fanmade (and think of the work!!!) resource for all those details of precisely who, what, where and when in the B7 universe, that has been on the Hermit site for years...

I downloaded the whole thing and often consult it for details :)

For anyone who doesn't know, it 's here

Che Blake
An analysis of the usage or lack of usage of the definite article preceding Liberator.

This is based on unofficial transcripts of the first 3 seasons, skimmed visually for references to the ship. There is plenty of room for error, but I think these general rules can be useful.

Read more...Collapse )
22nd-Jul-2008 07:48 pm - Quick question -
3 Third Doctor LOL!
In your fiction, do you write/like to see Liberator or the Liberator?
22nd-Jul-2008 09:13 am - Some stats on B7 fic
One of the most interesting things about the new archive is what it shows about the balance of B7 fic writing in relation to time zones in the story. It's been always my impression, with no particular evidence to go on, that (a) seasons 1 and 2, when Blake is present, generate more fic than 3 and 4, when he isn't and (b) there's a very high proportion of PGP, ie post-series, fic.

For the first time, this would seem to be backed up by the current story numbers on the archive:

Pre-Series [24]
Season 1 [41]
Season 2 [51]
Season 3 [35]
Season 4 [32]
Multiple Seasons [10]
Post-Series [64]
Alternate Reality [2]

Now this is undoubtedly partly due to the particular authors up there - for instance pre-series would score a lot higher if Executrix's stories were up. But I do suspect the greater interest in seasons 1 and 2, and above all the preponderance of sequel fic, are typical for the fandom as a whole. In some ways I'd have expected more interest in season 3, because it's easily the one with the most gaps to fill in, but the near-absence of Blake (I will not invite a flame war by adding "and the presence of Tarrant"...) obviously tells against it.

As for the sequel fic, that presumably reflects the mass gut reaction to the canon end. Myself I've always thought it worked dramatically, yet that's never stopped me wanting to continue the story and my own proportion of sequel fic is about 37%. I don't think this is just the age-old desire for a happy ending to the story, given that a lot of sequel fic (certainly mine) is as determinedly miserabilist as the series. I think it was more that people weren't ready for it to end, in any way, and felt the characters were a long way from being done with yet - had the series ended with the revolution triumphant, I suspect there'd still be loads of sequel fic (probably describing how it all went wrong and the Federation rose again, in the tradition of a fandom where there are always bad times just around the corner).

I don't think it's currently possible to identify other stats from the archive - eg the gen-het-slash split? Again it would reflect particular authors, and atm, I wouldn't say the mix was typical - loads of older stories missing, for one. It'd be interesting to see, though.

If anyone's wondering how hard it is to post their stuff, the answer is not at all. I've got mine up there and I can generally be relied upon to make a hames of anything technical... If there is going to be a fandom archive it would be good to have it as representative and complete as it can be.
20th-Jul-2008 06:26 am - Please lend me your B7 brains! Argh!
het angst character death
I'm part way through a fic and I've just had a nasty thought. NEED INPUT PEOPLE!
Does Blake know that Avon jumped ship to XK-72? Or did Avon just come back and not tell anyone how close it was? He tells Vila that he's not coming back, but qualifies it by saying he's just staying for a look around...
Is there a canon/fanon decision about whether he tells or not? Is it mentioned again?
*looks at her 3000 words in despair*
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