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    being a B7 fan of long-standing; watched every episode live! when they were broadcast on the BBC; yes I am that old, I thought I'd sign up here. If there is anyone still around watching this get in touch. My fave ep is Project Avalon, and my fave characters Jenna and Dayna and Gan.

Ray, Blairgowrie, Scotland.
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"Oh, and I'm a man of my word. In the end, that's all there is, really"

Hello, everyone! I'd love your perspectives on a question I've been mulling over.

In the quote I've used in the subject line to this post, Avon tells us that he's a man of his word. But I wonder: is Avon only against breaking his promises, or is he against lying in general? I can think of very few times Avon says anything that we know he believes to be an outright lie. In Powerplay, he does tell a series of lies (my wife, Dayna, etc) but other than that, I can't think of any other examples. Can you? Do you think Avon lies less than most of the other characters? Does he lie less than Blake? Less than Tarrant? As a writer, are you comfortable writing statements Avon has made in the show as deliberate lies? For example, when Avon tells Tarrant that he and Vila despise each other...I find that hard to believe as the truth, and yet it doesn't seem like something Avon would lie about. Some writers write Avon lying to the Scorpio crew about how long he's known where Blake was...

Any and all thoughts appreciated!       

Jacqueline Pearce Autobiography

Fantom Films are to release the autobiography of Jacqueline Pearce, who played Chessene in The Two Doctors but probably most recognisable as the elegant baddie Servalan in Blakes's 7! From Byfleet to the Bush will be published in both paperback and hardback formats, with a book launch event to take place on 11th March at the George IV Public House, Chiswick. More details can be found via their website.

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would you liked to have seen the B7 DVDs remastered a la Star Trek TOS?

Hello all, am new to LJ and a massive B7 fan, so apologoes if this has been asked before.
When Star Trek TOS was released on DVD all remastered and shiny, the models and some FX had been replaced with computer generated images.  For anyone who's not seen it, the retouching was done very faithfully and with a lot of obvious love for the source material.

My question is: do you love seeing B7 as it was originally made/aired, or would you like to have seen a similar approach taken with this show?  Or both?

Having seen the remastered Trek, the new CG parts don't jar and don't take you out of the story; but is it a bit of a slap in the face to all the hard working FX people and model builders from the original production?

I've introduced a fair few friends to B7, but have had to precis the first viewing with something like "You'll get used to the budget restrictions they were working with" or "Look past the wobbly sets".  That kind of thing.  It's not a chore, because the material sparkles, and maybe I don't even need those comments and could just let the show speak for itself!

I'd be interested in your thoughts.  Would a lovingly CG'd B7 be of interest, or just a curiosity?

Why is Season 4 rated higher?

Nerd alert: has anyone else ever worked out why Season 4 is higher rated? The side of the box, next to the 12 rating, claims the set contains "racial slurs and moderate violence", which I imagine is Stardrive and Blake respectively, but both episodes are still individually rated as PG. It's the special features themselves which have got the high rating, which I guess means actors swearing.

I haven't had a chance to watch through them all, and honestly, probably won't . I like the fictional world being preserved as far as possible, so would rather avoid blooper reels or studio recordings (it could also potentially be the commentary?). At the same time, the classification system is a serious hobby of mine, and I'm increasingly tempted to do it, just to sate my curiosity.

Can anyone who has watched through them clear this up?

Because even though that's not how the system works, I can't help but think Stardrive and Blake throw some combined punch on the rating as a whole. As if that level of racism or violence on their own only warrants a PG, but once both those boxes have been ticked (as it is for the boxed set) the classification has to be bumped up? So maybe that is how the system works? If the set is indeed rated 12 because of swearing on the special features, then why doesn't the back of the box list "12: bad language" instead?

Another idea that has occured to me is there is a catastrophic level of racist abuse somewhere in the special features, and it's not the use of "gook" after all - which would make sense of the facts but seems bizzare and unlikely.

Yours, in bemusement...

(All the geeky information from The British Board of Film Classification website - the special features are rated here: and here: The rest of the series is all rated here:
Note To Self

Blake, Post-'Star One'

Okay, so we all know the real reason Blake didn't return to the 'Liberator' after the Galactic War: i.e. Gareth Thompson Thomas had had enough. But was there ever give an in-show reason? Did I miss something?

He apparently moved around quite a bit:

'After (reluctantly) leaving Liberator [Blake's] movements became unclear. According to Cally he left with Jenna, but Avon, on Sarran, learnt from Zen that Blake was in a quite different (unspecified) location to her. He was also reported as being uninjured. In 'Powerplay' Zen reported that Blake was en route to Epheron of the Loritol system, by means unspecified. Blake was later said to be on Obsidian, one of many rumours that proved to be untrue. In 'Terminal' Servalan stated that she had seen Blake cremated on Jevron, and appeared to believe this herself. In 'Blake', Orac referred to a trail of cause and effect by which Blake's movements could be traced, suggesting that he wandered to at least some extent before establishing himself on Gauda Prime.'

- The Sevencyclopedia
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The new all-fandom archive

Like vilakins I got my invite from An Archive of Our Own very fast and experimented with posting a story. Joy - you can copy and paste them straight in from the B7 archive, no hassle. That makes 23 in the fandom. 22 of them are under the tile "Blake's 7" while one is under "Blakes 7" - I suspect that'll need to be rationalised. Posting the story was easy, but pages in the archive do take a while to load atm.
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the new OTW archive

I see the much-discussed OTW Archive of our Own now exists at and has 2 B7 stories in it. Now of course we have the B7 fandom archive at Hip Deep, but should we crosspost stuff here as well - what do folk think? One idea of the multifandom archive, AFAIR, was in hopes it would rival the unspeakable as the default resource for journos...